Data Shows Financial Hardships In LaGrange And Noble Counties
Thursday, June 6, 2024

(ELKHART) – Recent data shows that households in Northern Indiana are struggling to get by.

According to information released by Crossroads United Way, which serves Elkhart, LaGrange and Noble Counties, approximately 42% of residents in the tri-county area are categorized as ALICE, or Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. That translates to nearly 124,000 people, approximately 1 in every 3 residents, are struggling to afford basic necessities, such as housing, food and healthcare.

The data shows that while these families work hard, they still have difficulty making ends meet. That highlights the need for continued support and resources to help them achieve financial stability.

ALICE is a term that represents households in Indiana that live between the Federal Poverty Level and the real cost of living. ALICE workers include child care providers, home health aids, and others working low wage jobs with little to no savings and may be one emergency from possibly moving into poverty.

The study shows that while wages were going up in Indiana, so were costs. The study says for a family of four with two young children to live and work in Indiana, they would need to make a minimum of $58,428 annually to make sure ends meet.

In addition, a single senior adult would need to make $27,948 to survive, and a single adult would need to make $24,636.

In LaGrange County, a family of four would have to make $71,964 annually and a single adult $24,972 to live comfortably.

In Noble County, a family would have to earn $71,064 and a single adults $24,420. An Elkhart County family of four would need to make $74,604 and a single adult $26,196.