City of Bronson Issues Run Water Advisory
Monday, January 24, 2022

BRONSON, IN – As cold temperatures are forecast for this week, officials with the city of Bronson have issued a Run Water Advisory.

Officials in Bronson are asking city water customers to begin running a small stream of water from a faucet in homes and businesses. The water stream should be approximately one-quarter of an inch in diameter.

Running the small stream of water is intended to help prevent the water service from freezing.

The advisory will be in effect until January 30th, but is subject to change depending on the weather forecast.

Billing adjustments will be made on a case by case basis and will be based on previous water usage history.

If you have any question, please contact the Bronson City Office during normal business hours, 8 AM until 5 PM, Monday through Friday at 517-369-7334.